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Long ago, in a faraway land, a child was born who would change the world of free, fun games forever.

The boy's family, and all of the people of Gambelot, lived a poor life with very little money and few possessions. The town's wicked ruler, Lord Stiff, and his army of bandits stole from the people of Gambelot and lived like royalty atop Destitute Hill. Other than the clothes on his back, the only thing the little boy owned was a torn and dirty old hat which he took with him wherever he went.

Several years passed, and eventually the young boy grew to be a man. Finally, he'd had enough of living in poverty and vowed to escape the ruler's evil land. Leaving his family behind, he set out to find a better life far, far away from Gambelot.

He toiled at many jobs, and although the work was long and often hard, he lived a life he could only dream of living, growing up in Gambelot .

One day, he cashed in his paycheck and decided to have fun --- something that was forbidden by Lord Stiff in Gambelot. On his trip to the countryside, he went to a casino, and had the time of his life; playing games of blackjack, a few rolls of dice at the craps table and even placed a couple of bets at the roulette table. At the end of his joy-filled day, the young man started to head towards the door, but on his way, he noticed a flashy slot machine near the entranceway. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a coin and plopped it into the slot.

No sooner had he pulled the lever, did the machine start to hum, whistle and whirr! Coins began streaming out of the slot machine's tray faster than he could gather them. Piled on the floor before him, was more money than the young man had ever seen in his life. As a crowd of cheering guests began to gather around him, he quickly, scooped up his winnings into his shirt, coin bucket, pockets, and his torn and dirty old hat, then brought them to the cashier.

Suddenly rich beyond his wildest dreams, the young man packed up the few belongings he had, and returned to Gambelot.

Armed with more money than Lord Stiff and his army of bandits, he was quickly joined by the residents of Gambelot who formed a rebellion and overthrew the evil ruler.

The people gathered around the town square, where the young man began throwing his winnings into the growing crowd of people who cheered their returning hero.

Many years have passed since then, but the people's love for him has grown with each passing day. They pronounced him to be Jackpot King -- the kindest, most generous man in the world! While he had more money than he could ever spend, the only thing he decided to buy for himself was a jewel-studded crown, which replaced the torn and dirty old hat he had worn atop his head since he was a boy.

Now the Jackpot King is online and he wants to share his wealth with you!

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